Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Programs and Volunteer Opportunities

Soup Kitchen: Sundays 12-1pm
Now in it's 12th year, our soup kitchen continues to serve between 80 and 120 hungry men and women each week. Meals are bought and prepared by local parishes and additional clothing and food is often given away. We are always in need of volunteers to help staff this vital ministry. Monthly, bi-monthly, and one-time volunteer groups are particularly welcome.

Youth Outreach Night: Sunday Evenings
Each Sunday night we welcome up to 40 neighborhood kids to play in our secure courtyard. Most nights we play organized games and give out snacks, but the program is largely dependend on the volunteers who show up to help. Would you be interested in helping out one night this year?

Family Outings (ongoing)
Once or twice a month we take our families out of the house on organized activities. Often neighborhood kids are invited along. In the past our outings have included zoos, art museums, amusement parks, professional sporting events, restaurants, camping trips, ice-skating, and more. We regularly partner with Inner City Outings to introduce our guests to the great outdoors.

In-house activities (ongoing)
Inside the house we cook and eat a common meal together five nights a week (Monday-Friday). We have a party to celebrate birthdays on the last friday of every month, and we have additional fiestas as often as we can come up with excuses for them. Volunteers regularly provide our families with arts and crafts programing, counseling services, ESL instruction, health and parenting classes, and whatever other talents they have to share. Do you have an event or program that you'd like to share with our community? Give us a call!

Urban Plunge Groups
We provide space for volunteer groups to stay at Su Casa while participating in and learning about volunteer opportunities in the house and throughout Chicago. While often these groups are made up of high school or college age volunteers who come to help out during their spring breaks, we can accommodate groups of up to 20 people just about any time throughout the year and keep them busy for anything from a couple of hours to a couple of weeks!

The Greater Chicago Food Depository
We get the majority of our food from the GCFD--one of the largest food rescue programs in the nation. The food is not perfectly free, however--we gain credit to buy the food through hours of volunteer labor. Thus we are always looking for individuals and groups to give a few hours sorting food so that our families will be well fed throughout the year.

Over half of our budget is supplied through the private donations of individuals. The other half we raise by applying for foundation grants, renting out some of our property, and doing good old-fashioned fund-raising. Most recently we've been experimenting with cottage industries like selling canned salsas and soups. Do you have an idea for a fundraiser Su Casa might benefit from? Would you want to help out with grantwriting or selling salsa?

Live-in Volunteers and Workers
We are always looking for full-time and part-time workers at Su Casa. Our Catholic Worker community is bigger than most and we have plenty of space to accommodate experienced volunteers who have time to spare. Currently our workers range in age from 19 to 70 something. Some stay for a couple months, others for several years. Are you interested in intentional community? Want to try living out your values in service to the poor? Stop by and ask for an application.

Social Action
For many years we have taken an annual trip to the School of the America's protest at Ft Benning, GA. We try to send workers to as many anti-war protests as we can spare them for, and we periodically sponsor educational events surrounding issues of immigration and human rights. One of our workers is currently working on the No More Deaths campaign on the US-Mexico border and another is involved in the Hyde Park Committee Against War and Racism. Please see our seasonal publication, Kairos, for more information on social justice issues relating to our mission and be sure to contact us with events that might be of interest to our constituency.


Blogger Dorothy Dvorachek said...

Hello all, I really enjoyed the Spring 2006, "Migrations" issue of the Kairos. Su Casa is definately a place of change, and I appreciated how this issue explored and embraced this on many levels, even tieing it in with the mission. Well done!

8:46 AM  
Blogger Dave Williams said...

How Can I Contribute Financially?

Thanks for what you do. Community programs like this that empower others, that care for others in need are necessary.

I'd like to help financially. Do you have a secure, online way to contribute? If not, an address where I can mail my check? You can contact me at hrannar@hotmail.com



5:25 AM  
Blogger apple said...

I lived at Su Casa a few months in 1999. My last child was actually born in the showers there. I just wanted to post to thank all the people that were there during that time for their help and support.

I'm doing ok now. I own a home with a friend and my eldest just got accepted into Lane Tech. The 2 younger ones attent Audubon elementary.

I don't know where I would be without the help from Su Casa. Thank you.

3:34 PM  

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